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Cinegears Hi-Speed Racing Gimbal Car


About Cinegears SteadyPlus Car

Introducing the all-new Gimbal Car by Steadyplus.

This high-performance Gimbal car goes up to 80 kmh and features a 3-point suspension system that ensures maximum stability with a payload up to 9.5 kg!

Completely wireless and functional with nearly any Gimbal.


Available as a standard package or as the complete Rover package.

Featuring an additional set of two all-terrain treads and two front skis.

The basic kit can be upgrade to the complete Rover kit at any time with the purchase of an additional all-terrain Rover package.

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The Steadyplus Gimbal Car is a high performance remote vehicle that is literally creating new pathways of accessibility in the film industry.

This dynamic technology allows for unprecedented manoeuvrability of low angle shots of various speed and acceleration: with a top speed of 80 k/H (50 Mph) and a wide-set wheel axle (590mm), the Yota is fully capable of the high-speed and hair-pin turning motion required to film anything from extreme off-road sports, to simulated first-person chase scenes-all with guaranteed fluidity and stability.


Steadyplus has field tested their Gimbal Car extensively, and they understand the level of duress that this type of technology naturally encounters during rugged shoots, and they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that the car is fully capable of handling even the most demanding of tasks.

The quality of the chasse greatly surpasses the brittle plastic components of its competitors, boasting a uni-body constructed out of aluminum alloy and a mounting system featuring high-impact grade carbon fibers.

The impressive construction of this unit allows for a maximum payload of 9.5 kg (21 lb) with a 35 kg steering servo, and a total weight of under 12 kg, ensuring ease of transportation between sites.


The stability of this unit is its bread and butter: whereas any comparable units only have two levels of suspension, the car boasts three separate sets of suspension and a universal three axis controlled gimble mount for DSI or MoVI stabilizers.

The hydraulic spring dampener absorbs low frequency with bigger waves, and the wide rope dampener absorbs high frequency with smaller waves, and the brush less 960 KV motor (200 A ESC) is smooth and powerful, guaranteeing a fluid motion without any sacrifice to acceleration or top speeds. In addition, the Arctic Explorer snow treads and ski steers allow crews to take to the slopes to record scenic snowy panoramas, follow downhill skiers, or film extended runs in the snowboard park.

The treads can also be used on gravel or sand: take your crew to the beach as you film a glorious sunset framing a group of friends playing beach volleyball in a sunny summer dawn!


The car has two 5500 mAh 40 C 14.8V lithium batteries to keep your unit running efficiently for long periods of time as you venture into all the areas inaccessible by car, or legally prohibited by drone; as the litigious landscape of filming continuous to shift towards restricted public access, the car cruises under the radar, granting you access to areas restricted by drone.

Whether driving along a flat concrete road, or climbing up a rough gravel path, the FUTUBA controlled car tears through the terrain, and in tandem with Cinegears wide array of wireless Follow Focus kits and Ghost-Eye Video transmission gear, you’ll have full unrestricted mobility and video transmission capabilities virtually anywhere you decide to go!


The car has a 1 year limited warranty, and all units are serviced in the Pacific Northwest, in either Vancouver or Washington.

Cinegears also stock components for those crews who like to keep back-up parts on set to ensure optimal preparation for the demands of the ever-chaotic film industry.


Cinegears SteadyPlus Car Features

  • Interchangeable wheels, snowboards, and treads offering perfect stability and control on any terrain
  • Fastest Gimbal car on the market with a top speed of 80 km/h
  • Waterproof and dust proof motor and transmission system, powered with dual 4S Li-Ion batteries with maximum 28 V power out put
  • One of a kind stabilization system with 3 separate sets of suspension, including built-in heave duty stabilization platform Impressive 9.5 kg payload with a total weight under 12 kg
  • Flexible carbon fiber body, resilient to warping due to stress, temperature, or other environmental factors
  • Custom heavy-duty wheel rim, with separate tire tread and inner tube for professional functionality
  • 2.4 GHz Remote control range up to 5 km to 10 km
  • Built-in quick-release Gimbal mount for Ronin Gimbals, and MoVI Gimbal compatible (MoVI plate sold separately)
  • Up to 24 hours of battery life with recommended battery options and settings
  • Customizable programmable performance setting with different battery set ups, 4S, 6S, and 8S Li-Ion are supported
  • Great for capturing wildlife, or other potentially unsafe environments, Accesses places that a car or a drone could never travel


Cinegears SteadyPlus Car Specifications

Top speed
80 km/h (49.70 mph)
Wide Set Wheel Axle
590 mm
Aluminum Alloy
Max Payload
9.5 kg (20.94 lbs)
Steering Servo
35 kg (77.16 lbs)
3 Separate Sets of Suspension
Spring Dampener
Brushless 960 KV motor (200 ESC)
Under 12 kg (Under 26.45 lbs)

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